Beaches and Butterflies so beautifully represent the freedom we find through faith and salvation in Jesus Christ!  Standing on the shoreline breathing the salt air, looking over the vast ocean toward that endless sky, watching and listening to the continuous crashing of the waves that no man can explain or tame, gives us but a small glimpse of the magnificence of our Creator.  

The delightful dance of the butterfly as she bursts forth from her dark, lonely cocoon is the perfect picture of our new "resurrected" life in Christ when we become born again in His Spirit.  Embrace those brilliant, colorful wings that carry her to new heights, for they are yours as a child of God.  

Author, Preacher, Inspirational Speaker

Pastor Robin Lynn Leitch is an anointed bible teacher, conference speaker, and powerful intercessor.  She has been delivered from physical, mental and spiritual bondages, and longs to see others SET FREE by understanding who they are and what they possess as born-again believers in Jesus Christ.  She would love to come to your church or event for a dynamic meeting of breakthrough!  


"I was asked who our target demographic is for the ministry. That's a legit question when considering marketing techniques, etc. But my best answer would have to be, 'Whoever needs Jesus.' We hold bible-teaching and chain-breaking meetings, but also minister in spiritual warfare, healing and restoration, and evangelism. My heart is to share the love, forgiveness, hope, healing & FREEDOM of Jesus Christ!  I'm a bible teacher, a counselor, a cheerleader, and an intercessor."   

~ Pastor Robin


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